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Cockfighting appeared on earth 6000 years ago, and has become one of the most popular sport in the world. That being said, there is no video game about cockfighting that have ever been developed. “Rooster Battle“ project started in 2013 and quickly gained a lots of attention from cockfighting lovers all over the world. This year, we are proud to remake this game into a decentralized PvP game.

No centralized backend server allows all items and character to forever belong to the players. The game client is open source project, so anyone can re-create Rooster Battle with their own rules, and host their own tournaments. We will release the documents to help developer community to create new rules and new tournament for Rooster Battle

Our work and services

Rooster Battle – Cockfighting NFT Game is the rebirth of the “traditional” iOS game since 2014. We give it a new life on the blockchain by intergrating the state-of-the-art technology and a tokenomics where players can earn and trade 

We design. We do strategy. We implement.

Technology used: HTML5 Game Engine Phaser for Game Client, ReactJS, NodeJS, NoSQL for Dapp, Smart Contracts, 

Features: WebGame, Marketplace, Staking, NFT, Tokenomics, Scholarship, Tournaments

Communities: Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Tiktok, Youtube

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