FitMax post monday - Ứng dụng tập luyện thể thao kết hợp Blockchain: FitMax

About FitMax

FitMax is a Web3 application that aims to take care of the users’ health. We are about to revolutionize home workout by using a combination of Blockchain technology – AR and AI.
Our ultimate goal is to create a healthier and happier planet. This is not just about motivating people to exercise, but helping people fall in love with sport and fitness so they want to exercise.
To bring happiness to people, FitMax is designed based on a troika: social networking, physical health and most importantly, extra income.

Coming's responsibility

  • FitMax is a product carefully developed by Coming, realizing from an idea into a finished product
  • Building and developing a community among those who love FitMax and enjoy exercising
  • App development, from prototype to release on App Market
  • Integrating Blockchain and AI technology to help users practice and receive rewards easily

Tech stack

  • AI / Motion Detection & eKYC
  • Web 3 / Blockchain / BSC
  • Mobile App / React Native