Jessica-name - Callicrypto

About Callicrypto

Callicrypto is a project to digitize 3,333 of the world’s most popular names, each represented by calligraphy art. Only one person has ownership for each name, and the owner’s information will be permanently stored on the blockchain.
Owning a Callicrypto NFT means you own an asset that increases in value over time. Remember, each name has only one NFT, so if you own a popular NFT Callicrypto like “William” or “Peter,” you can auction this NFT on marketplaces to millions of people. Those wishing to own this name can compete to offer the highest price.
More than just an ordinary NFT collection project, we want to increase the applicability of Callicrypto. The purpose of Callicrypto will not stop at collecting but will also apply in business activities.
Each NFT in the Callicrypto project can be used as an eSignature. From now on, your contracts, your electronic documents, will be signed with a unique signature you own, a signature that exudes authority and personalization.
In the following steps of the project, we will build an eSignature application that integrates Callicrypto into the application. The first people to own NFT Callicrypto will be the lifetime customers of the application.

Coming’s Responsibilities

  • Develop a community of those who are interested in Callicrypto and  NFT/Blockchain
  • Collaborate with Calligraphy artist Dao Huy Hoang to create a unique NFT signature
  • Smart Contract Development (ERC721 on Ethereum)
  • Build an airdrop and minting platform for NFT